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Does your business have a YouTube video? It should! If your business is not taking advantage YouTube, you are missing out. YouTube is the most cost-effective way to market your business and bring in thousands of customers.

Video marketing is a fun and entertaining way to showcase your company. Instead of reading a lot of text, consumers would rather watch a short, informative video about your business.

Having your business on YouTube lets people put a face to a business. People want to connect with real people, and video marketing gives you the opportunity to show the “realness” of your business.

A huge benefit is that YouTube can increase your rank in Google’s search engine. A YouTube video often includes the link to the business website in the description. When somebody is viewing the video and they want to know more about the business, they can be prompted to visit the main website. This will cause your website to become ranked higher on Google’s search engine results page.

As you probably know, keywords are very important for SEO. Youtube is a great way to increase your SEO efforts. YouTube has its own keyword tool and we will post the best keywords for your business.

We do ALL of the creative artistry, editing, narration, music and more. You just send us your ideas, and we do the rest.

FOR US TO CREATE A CUSTOM VIDEO: You do not need to “Star” in it. We do not need to coordinate a “meeting”. We do all of the work remotely. This is easily done by using the images and videos you took using your phone or camera. Next, we combine it with relevant stock images and video clips we have access to.

You do not have any images or video? No problem. We can create a professional video without any images or video from you as long as we know the subject matter. Give us your spiel and we will create a beautiful, captivating and entertaining video 1 to 3 minutes long (YouTube marketing experts recommend no more than 3 minutes per video).

We add your company logo, your contact info and presto! You’ve got an amazing compelling video instantly ready to bring in customers.

Once we create your custom video, it will stay on YouTube for as long as you like (years…decades!) for absolutely no additional ongoing cost.

Price includes:

  • Editing and creating artistic video
  • Audio (music)
  • Stock photos
  • Stock video footage
  • Professional voice narration (if necessary)
  • Setting up a new google account
  • Uploading it on YouTube server
  • Optimizing keywords
  • Marketing boost (gets your video out to viewers)
  • And more

We do all of the work, so you can focus on your business.

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